Chaya Lipschutz
Click here for the speech I
gave at this event which tells
the story about my kidney

    Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!

    I am an Orthodox Jewish woman, from Brooklyn, NY  who donated a kidney altruistically. My goal is try to help as many people
    as possible, of all races and religions, who are in need of a kidney and to try to find kidney donors for as many people as
    possible.   I hope through this website I would be able to encourage more altruistic living kidney donation

    Why I decided to put together this website:

    Since I donated a kidney to a stranger in September 2005 after seeing an ad in a newspaper for someone in need of a kidney, I
    kept seeing more ads placed by others who were in desperate need of a kidney.  So I decided to start a project to help others in
    need of a kidney.  I first took out a booth at an Expo in New York City in December 2005 to promote kidney donation an educate
    the public.  Since then, from time to time I post on the internet and hang up fliers seeking kidney donors.  I have had many
    inquiries about kidney donation in the past and it was time consuming to keep sending requests for information.  So now, my life
    will be a little easier, just referring people to my website that will have all the info.  Also, people had wanted to know more about
    myself since many have seen my postings on the internet and fliers I put up in communities and some have wanted to make sure
    I am legit, which I am.  So having my own website, with all the information about myself and my project, does after all legitimize

    Anyhow, since it would have been a big expense to hire someone to put this website together for me, I did this basically on my
    own and it was difficult and time consuming since I don't have any experience or training in web design.  When I was finnishing
    up this website before putting on the web, I had needed some help with it.  So I decided to post in one of the Yahoo Groups that I
    belong to, a request for help with my website.  Jonathan Kaplan of Croton Watch Company responded and helped me get this
    website up and running in such a short notice.  Jonathan didn't know me - I was a total stranger.  But he answered my plea for
    help and didn't ask for a penny.  My deep gratitude to this very special person!      
    More about myself:

    I had donated a  kidney in September 2005 after seeing an ad in a weekly newspaper called The Jewish Press, placed by the
    person I ended up donating a kidney to.  The ad said "Please help save a Jewish life - New Jersey mother of 2 in dire need of
    kidney - Whoever saves one life from Israel it is as if they saved an entire nation."  

    The hardest part of my kidney donation was not the kidney donation itself.  That was easy for me.  The hardest part was keeping
    this back from my mother, not telling her that I was going to donate a kidney! And I live with her - so it was more difficult.  So I had
    to do this behind her back - and she didn't find out until after I donated a kidney!  Another kidney donor came to my mother's
    house to tell my mother first that she had donated a kidney and then said "by the way, your daughter is in the hospital and also
    donated a kidney!"  Thank G-d, my mother took it well, as expected.  For more on my story, click here,  for a speech I gave at a
    Kidney Disease and Organ Transplantation Forum, in which I tell my story.

    Anyhow, since my kidney donation, I still continued to see more ads for people in need of a kidney.  I felt like I didn't do enough
    and that I needed to do more to help the many others who are in desperate need of a kidney.  So I first took out a booth to
    promote kidney donation at the Jewish Market Place Expo which was a 3 day event held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center,
    New York City,  in December 2005.  

    Since my booth at the expo to promote kidney donation, articles about me have been written in Prevention Magazine ,New York
    Daily News, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Salt Lake Tribune, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz’s publication,
    Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s newsletter, and some weekly newspapers in New York, NJ, Minnesota and in Britain. Also, there
    was an article in The Salt Lake Tribune about someone who heard me on the radio, and that resulted in that person donating a
    kidney that started a 14 person exchange!  

    I was interviewed by a reporter with CNN. My website has also been mentioned on various other TV websites.

    I had spoken at 2 events as well – one was at a Halachic Organ Donation Seminar at a synagogue in New Jersey in July 2006
    and the other was a Kidney Disease and Organ Transplantation Forum in November, 2006 that was attended by government
    officials. (On the left is a picture of me at the latter event and below that, is a link to a speech I gave at this event - which is also a
    story about my kidney donation.)

    I have been on the radio as well -  on  "This  American Life” on National Public Radio, twice and on NY Assemblyman Dov
    Hikind’s weekly radio show on WMCA AM, New York.

    I was also on 3 TV programs including  a ½ hour TV special ABC-TV on Organ Donation, called "Giving Life: The Story of Organ
    Donation."  (See home page for video of this show.)

    My brother donated a kidney as well to someone on my list who was in need of a kidney.

    Besides the matches I already made and the others that will be happening soon, I have more kidney matches in the works.

    I don’t get paid for doing this and don't charge a fee.  Just like my kidney donation was altruistic, so is my kidney matchmaking.

    I post from time to time on the internet seeking kidney donors on Craigs List, Yahoo Groups and other venues.  I put up fliers as
    well.  One of the matches I made is a result of  the kidney donor seeing a flier I had at a fish store!   There was another match
    that I was involved with that was also th result of a flier I hung up.    

    Jordan Lite, former medical reporter for the New York Daily News, had interviewed me for an article she was writing and had
    given me the title of "Kidney Matchmaker."  After she gave me that title, I thought, hmmm, maybe that is what I am!  So every now
    and then, I use that title!  Thanks Jordan, for the crowning!

    I have accumulated a list of a lot of people in need of a kidney.  People from many cities in the USA and other parts of the world
    have contacted me asking me to find a kidney donor for them.

    My goal is to help save lives of others who are in desperate need of a kidney regardless of race or religion.  

    If one decides to donate a kidney to a stranger on your own - whether answering an ad in a newspaper or a posting on the
    internet, I strongly suggest that one questions first the person in need of a kidney.  First find out if they have any siblings, children,
    etc.  If they do, find out if they have had any family members tested,   There are many people out there who don't have any family
    members to donate a kidney to them and have no choice but to seek out strangers.  These are the people that should be
    considered first for kidney donation.  When someone in need of a kidney calls me up and asks me to find a kidney donor for
    them, I first question them about having family members test for them.  This needs to be encouraged.  I have had to turn down
    people in need of a kidney who have had family members to donate a kidney to them, but did not want to take a kidney from a
    family member!  This is wrong, unless that family member has medical or psychological issues. I have a list of many people in
    need of a kidney and if someone sees a posting that I have and says they want to donate a kidney to someone, I would generally
    match that person up with someone who either doesn't have any family members their blood type,  or who have had family
    members tested but were ot a match or were ruled out for kidney donation because of their own medical issues.

    Whether one is interested in donating a kidney or part of their liver, on their own or possibly through me but needs more
    information. please feel free to contact me!   I would be happy to give any information needed.  No obligation.  Also one can click
    on "Donate a Kidney" for more information, such as requirements and what's involved with the process including testing - and
    also click on "Websites-KidneyDonation" for stories about kidney donors, organizations that give you more information about
    kidney donation, and other interesting and informative websites.  

    Below is a listing of articles/shows pertaining to me and my kidney donation.

    Thanks so much for visiting my website!

    Best regards,


    P.S.  If you ever come across links that don't work or even typos, would appreciate if you can let me know.  Thanks so much!  

    Some of the articles that were written about myself,  articles about kidney matches that I made, or people who I
    have inspired to donate a kidney:

      .   Website:
    Website:   (Please note:The newspaper was wrong..  No one has met, through my website! I made the match
    July 13, 2007  (This weekly newspaper, doesn't have a website.) Click on the following pdf file:  American Jewish World
    review of an event where I spoke as well as other kidney donors.  Others who have spoken at this event were,  Dr. Stuart
    Greenstein, a person in need of a kidney, and a person who had a kidney transplant.  For the article, Click here.

   Kidney and/or liver  matches that I made, mentioned on the following TV programs:

    My radio interviews:  

    Communications (This interview is not on their website - but I had taped it and added to this website.
    You can hear it on my website on the left hand of this page.  Website:

     My TV Appearances:

    I was mentioned on the following TV Programs:

     I am mentioned in the following books:

  • "The Organ Donor Experience: Good Samaritans And The Meaning Of Altruism" - This book includes stories of 2 of my
    donors from 2 kidney matches I made,  This book also describes my website as "unique."
  • "Like Water On A Rock" -   True Stories Of Spiritual Transformation" - This book includes story of one of my kidney
    matches, titled, "My Kidney Sister."
  • "Amazing Women - Jewish Voices of Inspiration"

    My heartfelt thanks to:

  • Former NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind. Assemblyman Hikind was the first person I approached to for help for a booth I had
    wanted to have at an Expo to educate the public about kidney donation.  When I first came to his office to tell him about my plans
    for this booth and why I wanted to have it, he wasn't there but the receptionist told me that "Dov will be so happy to hear this."  I
    did receive a call from him and he was happy and got someone to do my fliers and displays for my booth for free!   He has since
    been very supportive.  Whenever I go to his office, he is always so sweet!  He has a big heart and does so much for the
    community, so many acts of great kindness.  There is a story that he had written about me in his newsletter.  Click here for this
    article: "The Gift of Life"
  • Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser.  Before I took out a booth at an Expo - I had mentioned to Rabbi Goldwasser what seemed at that
    time an impossible dream - to take out a booth at an expo, being that I had just decided less than a week before the Expo to
    take out a booth to promote kidney donation.  He was extremely supportive and very excited about my plan to have a booth and
    he endorsed my project to find kidney donors for others and gave me a blurb about kidney donation to put on my flier that I had
    needed  for the expo.  He wrote about me in his book "Tishrei."  Click here "Acknowledgements"  to view what he wrote.  Rabbi
    Goldwasser is involved in so many great causes. A very special Rabbi!
  • Former Brooklyn (NY) Borough President Marty Markowitz.  I met  Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz at a
    political breakfast,.  He had said at the time that he would like to have a story written about me in his publication.  That story
    brought the attention of  Mary Robertson, a TV director who also had connections to NPR (National Public Radio) and resulted in
    my 2 radio interviews on "This American Life."   And as a result of my interview on that radio program, people have donated a
    kidney and more people will be donating a kidney as well!  And when I have sent E-mails to Marty, he e-mails me back, and so
    quickly!  He also sent me a nice handwritten note in the mail. Very down to earth, very sweet person!
  • The Jewish Press (weekly Jewish newspaper). In particular, I would like to thank Naomi Mauer who have takes the urgent need
    for kidney donors to heart and have published several articles on the subject of kidney donation in their newspaper.    Naomi is
    also been in the forefront of other major issues pertaining to those in need.
  • Dr. Stuart Greenstein, Professor of Surgery, Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY. One of the nicest,
    caring doctors in the world.  Everyone who knows him would agree with me!  He is very humble and I am not sure he would want me to list
    here all the great things about him!  Anyhow - one thing I can say about him, is that this special doctor who goes to visit  his ex-patients,
    overseas, when he is on vacation!  Who knows any doctor in the world that would do this?  Awesome and extraordinary!
  • Pat McDonough, RN, Kidney Transplant Coordinator, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY.   Always so helpful.  She took out the time
    to teach me so many important things pertaining to kidney donation over the years. She herself had also donated a kidney!  I don't know of
    any other kidney transplant coordinator who has done so!
  • Philiip Palmer, ABC-TV,News,  Los Angeles.. He is a TV Anchorman and kidney donor!   One of nicest and caring of people in the TV
    industry.  He is always eager to help! Very sweet person.
  • Former NY Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.  Assemblyman Brodsky had sent  me a letter regarding the work I am doing, despite
    having only little contact with him.  To read this letter, click here.
  • My beloved mother, Hensha bas Yosef, of blessed memory.  Her great love, support caring  and giving, in my lifetime, I can never repay
    her enough..I loved her so much..She was selfless and did extraordinary great Mitzvahs and Maasim Tovim (great deeds) in her lifetime.A
    "Tzadekes" (very righteous woman) .She was my best friend.  Miss her dearly. To read about my beloved mother, click here To see a
    video on my mother's "good vorts (words), click here. To hear my mother's Divrei Torah (words of Torah) click here.

    Again, my heartfelt thanks to my beloved mother and these wonderful individuals!
Chaya Lipschutz
About Myself
Picture of me speaking at a  Kidney
Disease and Organ Transplantation
Forum at a Public School, Brooklyn,
NY  - November 30, 2006

My letters pubished in
Newspapers and magazines  
(you can just click below on each letter
and that will bring you to their
prospective websites):

"Be Your Own Health Advocate" -
Hamodia - May 2, 2018

"Kindness Of Strangers"  -
New York Daily News - December
4, 2016

"Incompatible Blood Types In
Kidney Donation" - Yated
Ne'eman - March 25,2016

"Lotta Love" - New York Daily
News - February 7, 2015

"Dietary Advice" - New York
Daily News -  June 9, 2012

"Stamp of Approval"- New York
Daily News - October 26, 2010

"Salt In Our Wounds: Say
Goodbye To Freedom" - New
York Post - January 15, 2010

"A Mayor Who Cares"
New York Daily News - January
16, 2010

"An Incomperable Gift" -
Hamodia - August  26, 2009

"A Kidney Matchmaker" -
Yated Ne'eman - August 21, 2009

"The Kidney Matchmaker" -
Five Towns Jewish Times -
August 6, 2009

"Saving Lives" - The Jewish
Press - August 16, 2006

"In and Out"- New York Daily
News -  June 23, 2007

'It Takes One Kidney" - New
York Magazine -  August 30, 2007

"Spread Safety"  - New York
Daily News, November 30, 2008 
Ad in a newspaper placed by the
person I ended up donating a kidney to:

"The Great Idealist" - Letter
written by someone else,
regarding myself - The Jewish
Press, February 22, 2006
Myself with former NY Mayor Michael R.
Bloomberg ar his inauguration
ceremony, January 1, 2005.

(I was a volunteer on both his
re-election campaigns - in 2005 &
My project to help those in need of a
kidney, is endorsed by Rabbi Dovid
Goldwasser, Brooklyn NY, a noted
Rabbi, author, lecturer and Torah
scholar.  He wrote his endorsement
of my project in his book,
Sample of fliers I have made
up for people in need of a
kidney.  Click below on each

Flier I had made up for my
booth at the  Expo (2 sided

Sample flier I have made up
for a  person in need of a
"Donating a kidney was the greatest experience of my life, if I can do it again, I would do it again tomorrow"
                                                                 - Chaya
Left to right:  NY Assemblyman Dov
Hikind and I.   Assemblyman Hikind
has been very supportive of my work
promoting kidney donation

Photo taken at a politiclal breakfast
in my community in April 2006
Speaking at a Pre-Med Club at
Ramaz Upper School, New York City,
April 29, 2010.  
Article that was written about me in
         Click below for the article:
Right to left: Former NY Public Advocate
Betsy Gotbaum and I.  We were both
speakers at a Kidney Disease & Organ
Transplantation Forum.

Photo taken was taken  at the event
where we spoke,  Event was held at a
public school, in Brooklyn, NY,
November 30, 2006  and was attended by
govt. officials.o
Picture of me at a  booth I had at the
Jewish Marketplace Expo which
was held at the Javits Center, NYC,
December 17-19, 2005
Sample of envelope used in
general  mailings to promote
kidney donation  (I have used
similar ones to put in info on kidney
donation and had handed out at
"Keep up the good work. It's
- NY Assemblyman
Richard Brodsky - in a letter he wrote to
me.  To read this letter,
click here
"Someone like Chaya is very special.
There's is no one else helping find
matches, or if they are, they're a broker
and asking for money.  She just wants to
help people."  
Quote by Vanessa Evans who
is in need of a kidney, in her interview with
the weekly newspaper,  The Jewish Advocate
(Boston) -  May 1, 2009. For the article(in pdf
format), click on:
"Bostonians Helped By
Kidney Matchmaker"
Above is a taping of my call in to  NY
Assemblyman Dov Hikind's radio
. on June 25, 2009. Assemblyman
Hikind commented on the show
"I know Chaya.
She is absolutely remarkable"
Above is a taping of my call-in on the
Michael Savage radio program
on June 23, 2009, regarding my
kidney donation project.
also... proclaimed
"Hometown Hero"
by NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind  
To see official announcement,
click here.
(note:  date of event was postponed)
To view my You Tube video on
Kidney Donation,  Click here
An award I received from Kings County
(NY) District Attorney Charles Hynes, at
an Extraordinary Women of Brooklyn
event  at Brooklyn Borough Hall, March
23, 2010
For a speech that I made at this
school's Pre-Med club,  
click here
"You remain a beacon of light in a dark world, and
you're setting a standard for people everywhere."
- NY Assemblyman Richard Brodsky
in a letter written to me.  To read the letter,
click here
(Assemblyman Brodsky's personal info was removed from this letter  
before I scanned this letter and put it here on my website
"I am always impressed with all the good you do
for so many people"
- Linda Small,  former Executive Director
National Kidney Foundation of Southern California
& Executive Director of the Ann & George Lopez Foundation

"I thought I would never find a donor,
but when I heard from you it gave me
a lot of hope. I felt you were very
genuine and sincere. I know in the
end my boyfriend donated his kidney,
but I felt like you as a stranger at that
time was fighting for me made me
realize that I had to fight also for
another chance in life"
- Noy Louang,
North Carlinoa, wrote this to me on Facebook
Photo of me with one of my kidney
 On the left is Tom O'Driscoll of
Texas, who decided to donate a kidney
after hearing me on "This American Life" on
NPR.  In the center, is Carolyn of California,
the woman he donated a kidney to.  We all
got together when my kidney match came
into New York in April 2011.  Photo taken at
Coney Island. Brooklyn, NY
"The doctors would not be able to do this great work without help from
people like you.   So thank you for your support and outreach."
- Comment I received from NY-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center
Comment  was left by the hospital on the hospital's  website for their video on kidney donation.  
For this video,
 click here
To view my TV Interview, titled,
"Kidney Matchmaker", Click Here
My TV Interview, "Kidney Matchmaker"
News12, Brooklyn, NY - November 6, 2011
Plaque I received from a kidney
recipient from one of the  kidney
matches I made.
“I can’t begin to thank you enough for
all your help and support during this
whole process.  You have been with me
since day one. and your support has
been amazing……”
- Margery Lipenski, kidney donor,
from one of my kidney matches.
My radio interview on
Josh Hasten Show - Voice of Israel
February 28, 2015
"You continue to go above and beyond to help others in
need. Thank you helping so many people , including
myself and our transplant team with spreading the
message of living kidney donation!  You’re the best!"
- Dr. Joseph Del Pizzo, Associate Professor of Urology and
Transplantation Surgery ,Weill Cornell Medical College
"Thank you very much for your support and help! I appreciate it very very much. It was a great
pleasure to work with you."
e-mail I received from Polina Katz,kidney donor coordinator, Ichelov-Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Israel
"You are Hashem (G-d's) gift to the
- former NY Assemblyman, Dov Hikind, as he  
said to me at an event in December 2018
"Thank you for the wonderful work you do for our patients and for all donors and recipients around
the country whom you have helped!"

– e-mail I received from lRhonda Hutley, Living Donor Coordinator, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
Awards I received from former Kings
County District Attorney Charles Hynes
& former Brooklyn Borough President
Marty Markowitz -  "Extraordinary
Women" Event at Brooklyn Borough
Hall, March 23, 2010