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Kidney Donors Picture
Left to right:
David Koster-donated to stranger
Mordy Husarsky-donated to father-in-law
Chaya Lipschutz-donated to stranger
Nancy Barker-donated to business assoc.        
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Assemblyman Hikind's program and
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Articles written by or about
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pdf file. All you have to click is on each
listing below. This listing, plus more
information about some of these is
listed on the
"Websites/Kidney Donors

1.   "Here's Looking At You Kidney"
2.    Florida Resident Donating Kidney to
NY Woman She Met Online"
3.   "The New Organ Donors Are Living
"Kidney Donation to Hubby Ends
Divorce Plans"  
"It's A Go - Soldier Can Donate
Kidney To Mom"
6.  "Woman Saw Appeal On Flyer And
Decided To Donate An Organ"
7.  "Kidney Turns Strangers Into Family"
8.  "Would You Give Your Kidney to a
9.  "Principal To Donate A Kidney To
10. "An Angel from Alabama"
11. "Brother and Sister Donate Kidneys
To Save Lives"
12. "Woman Saw Appeal On Flyer And
Decided To Donate An Organ"
13. "Women Gets Ring - and Kidney -
from Fiance"
14. "Starbucks Barista Donates One of
her Spares to Good Customer in Need" -
"Kidney Donor Speaks Out"
16.  "A Kidney To Give"  
"The Facts of Kidney Transplant"
18.  "The Gift of Life"
19. "KidneyMitzvah"
20. "The Life Saver"
21. "Kidney Donor Encourages Once in
a Lifetime Mitzvah"
22.  "A Gift of Life:  19 Year Old Gives
Friend a Kidney"
23. "NYC Performs Chain of Transplant
24.  "Ground Zero Worker In Rare
Kidney Swap Set To Exit Hospital"
25,  "Arrivals:  Ruth Shlossman:  From
New Jersey to Jerusalem"
26. " Bostonians Helped By Kidney
27.  "Rabbi's Kidney Donation Inspires
28. "Local Rabbi Donates Kidney To A
-  Great Article -
Study:  "Kidney Donors Do Fine,
No Long-Term Issues
Click here for this article
Quotes from Kidney Transplant
Professionals on kidney donation:

"Just think people have no problem
having only one kidney, so we have to
ask, why did G-d give us two kidneys?  
Perhaps it is so you would have an extra
one to donate and save a life!
" - Dr. Stuart
Greenstein, Kidney Transplant Surgeon,
Professor of Surgery, Montefiore Medical
Center, Bronx, NY      

"We are born with approximately 4-5
times the kidney function that we need, to
be healthy and stay off  of dialysis -  to
not have kidney failure   So by donating
one of your kidneys,  you are still left with
with 2-3 times the amount of kidney
function that you need to be healthy and
lead a normal life. "
- Dr. Joseph Del
Pizzo. Assistant Professor of Urology,
Director, Laproscopic Surgery, New York -
Presbytarian Hospital  - Weill Corneil
Medical Center, New York, NY

"There's a lot of misconceptions about
kidney donation and a lot of fear. But if
people take the time to get the facts, they
find out the risks are very minimal.
People are born with two kidneys. You
only need one."     
- Michelle Winsor,  
Kidney Transplant Coordinator, Sharp
Memorial Hospital, San Diego, CA
Right to left  Lori Palatnik, kidney donor
with a friend.  Lori had donated a kidney to
a stranger, but  her kidney recipient does
not want to be publicly known.  See her
quote regarding her kidney donation,
Right to left:
John Feel, with the person he donated
a kidney to - a stranger.  He donated a
kidney as part of a 6 way kidney swap.  
See quote below that he gave regarding
his kidney donation.
Right to Left:  Yosef, my brother who also
donated a kidney, with his kidney recipient,
a stranger.  This was my first kidney match!

Photo was taken at their pre-op testing at
SUNY/Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn,
NY,  March 2007.'
You can read a story a story about the
kidney donation  of my brother and I:
"Brother and Sister Donate Kidneys To Save
Lives" -   
Photo taken after his kidney donation at
Columbia Presbytarian Hospital, NYC,  
August, 2007.  You can read John's story
on his website:
To read Lori's story on her kidney
donation, click on:
 "A Kidney to Give"
Quotes from people who have
donated a kidney:

"Donating a kidney to a woman I had
never met was the greatest experience
of my life.  To give for the pure sake of
giving brings the deepest joy
imaginable.  I am profoundly grateful for
the opportunity that changed my life in
every way"  
 - Lori Palatnik,  donated a
kidney to a stranger.  I had made her
kidney match.   (See picture above)

I think this is the right thing to do.  I don’t
think anyone should fear it . They wouldn’
t allow you to do this if you weren’t
healthy enough’  
  - Larry Seidman,
donated a kidney to a stranger

"Giving a kidney was one of the
highlights of my life.  I learned so much
about myself in such a short time.  
Rarely do we see the fruit of our labor so
quickly, yet I helped save another
persons life and improved the quality of
their life immediately  
- Rabbi Steve
Moskowitz, donated a kidney to a stranger

"The reason why G-d gave me two
kidneys, was so that I could donate one”

Mordy Husarsky, donated a kidney to his

"Donating a kidney was the greatest
experience of my life!  If i can do it
again,   I would do it again tommorrow"
Chaya Lipschutz,  donated a kidney to a

"As a result of my kidney donation, I feel
richer than Donald Trump and Donald
Trump  combined!
" - David Koster,
donated a kidney to a stranger.
Left to right:  Nancy Murrell, kidney donor
with Anthony Cottman, person she
donated a kidney to.  

I had made this kidney match!  Nancy
contacted me after hearing me on "This
American Life" on NPR. The rest is
  Check out Nancy's  new
, -  A  Resource
for Living Kidney Donors.

Check out Anthony's website: "Kidney

    Hi!   I created this page for those who have already donated a kidney - to share experiences, ideas to
    promote kidney donation, etc. (Of course, even if you didn't donate a kidney - you are welcome here as well!)

    For me , my kidney donation wasn't enough - so I started a project to help others in need of a kidney, so
    more lives can be saved.  (For more information about myself and my project to help people in need of a kidney,
    you can go to the tab, "About Chaya Lipschutz"  for more in information.

    I am in touch with many people who have already donated a kidney - all of us feel great, some of us wish
    we can do it again!

    I am sure you too, feel great about your kidney donation and some of you may wish you can influence
    others as well to do this deed.  I have spoken to many other kidney donors that say they feel they want to do
    more, since they are not able to donate another kidney.

    I need your ideas!

    I have a list of many people in need of a kidney that I would like to find kidney donors for. As you can imagine,
    it's not an easy task to influence people to donate a kidney, but these lives need to be saved!

    Help is needed to spread a kidney awareness so more lives can be saved - speak to others, try to influence
    others to donate a kidney

        Some of my ideas on how we can try to save more lives without donating another kidney!

       Spread Awareness!
  • Speak at events about your kidney donation experience - local clubs, schools (high schools and colleges),  
    organizers of health fairs, etc.   
  • Organize an event - if you are willing to speak about your kidney donation, perhaps see if you can also get
    someone in need of a kidney to speak at such an event.  Also, perhaps ask a nephrologist, or kidney transplant
    surgeon to talk as well.  Perhaps a local dialysis center can give you information.  Perhaps contact a local school,
    community center, etc., and see if they would be willing to rent out some space  Try to find sponsors, if necessary -
    perhaps a local hospital, where in return they may want to put material out about their own programs.  I had taken
    out a booth at an expo to promote kidney donation.  It was a 3 day event - it was not cheap, to say the least, but
    there were lots of people who attended and educated a lot of people about kidney donation.
  • Speak or write to people in the local (and/or not so local) media about your kidney donation  especially if it
    was to a stranger - sometimes they like to do a story - especially if it is unique. A newspaper article, if well written,
    can inspire others to donate a kidney.  If they are willing to write an article - try to encourage them to write a positive
    article -  and tell them that they too can save a life (or lives), just by writing a positive article!
  • If you see an article in a newspaper written about another kidney donor - perhaps write a positive letter
    to the editor about it, mentioning that you too were a kidney donor.  Here in New York, every now and then there
    are articles written about people who donated a kidney. By writing in and having your letter published,  that too can
    have a positive impact on people.
  • You can make up special mailing envelopes (and/or labels), promoting kidney donation. So, every time you
    need to mail something, when you use one of these special envelopes or labels, you can promote kidney donation!  
    I had made up special envelopes through the website Click here to see a sample of wording I
    have on an envelope, which includes the words "Save A Life" and wording about kidney donation

    Information suggestions for material to put out at a Kidney Donation Awareness event:

  • Nice news story about someone who donated a kidney.  (If there was an article written about you - that could
    be best.  Otherwise, you can find one on the internet, or you may find one you like on the left hand side of this page,
    below, where there is a listing of stories about kidney donors)
  • Make up a flier, for someone in need of a kidney.  Make sure a  phone number and/or e-mail address is on that
    flier.  Click on: sample of a flier, for a flier I made up for someone in need of a kidney, for an idea.  Perhaps add a
    quote on the flier regarding kidney donation from a professional in the kidney transplant field. See sample of quotes
    on the left side of this page.
  • Hand out fliers for someone in need of a kidney or kits of information on kidney donation at any event.  I
    once made up kits, consisting of fliers for people in need of a kidney and other information, put it all into a #10
    envelope.  I handed such kits at a Chinese Auction and a local political event.  I had made up special envelopes
    through the website, as mentioned previously, was used for this purpose as well.  You can also
    click here to see a sample    For information on kidney donation to print out and include in kits or put on a table at an
    event, you can find links to websites that give more information on kidney donation, on the "Donate A Kidney" page
    of this website.
  • Also - a great positive article about a study that was done on kidney donors - that kidney donation does not
    have a negative effect on our health, would be a great thing to include in a kit or fliers to place on a table at an
    event.  For this great article which is from the Los Angeles Times, click on:  "Kidney Donors Have A Normal Life
    Span, Study Finds."  Or another great article you might consider including in a kit - or telling people who are
    considering kidney donation - this one from the website,, click on:  "One Kidney Is More Than
    Enough - Living Kidney Donors Survive, Thrive and Rarely Suffer from Kidney Problems."
  • Another option, is making up a  business card and include your name, e-mail address, and phone number.  (May
    not be necessary, if you have your information on a flier.)  How about a picture of you and the person you donated a
    kidney to on the card?  Regarding purchasing the blank cards - if you are computer savvy, it can be very
    inexpensive to do it yourself, if you have a printer.  You may be able to pick up cheap blank business cards to print
    them out on, at a Walgreens, Walmart. or Target. (I think I once purchased way back cheap ones at a Walgreens.)  
    Staples has them, but it is not so cheap.  If you decide to purchase them from Staples - the Staples brand may work
    just as well and would be less expensive.)
  • Also - if you have the funds - making up pens or other useful items with wording promoting kidney donation, is
    another option.  I had made up special pens that said "Save a Life - Donate a Kidney" with an e-mail address.  
    Some people never have enough pens on them - and this is one of the best and perhaps least expensive of items to
    make up and give out - and less likely to get thrown out!

    What to speak about at a kidney donation event:

    Dispel myths! - Very important!   Tell people:
  • Yes, you can live just as well as one kidney as with two!  Most people who are in need of a kidney have 2
    kidneys - when one kidney goes - the other one goes at the same time.
  • One out of 700+ people are born with one kidney - so someone might may say a person is crazy for donating a
    kidney- when that same person might be walking around with one kidney - and never know it
  • Donating a kidney does not effect a person's ability to have children (or more children.) I know of 3 people had
    children after donating a kidney.  And 2 of these who donated a kidney - their kidney recipient's were able to have
    children after receiving a kidney!

    Also if you speak publicly about kidney donation, talk about:

  • What made you want to donate a kidney.
  • How good you feel about it!
  • Most of the surgery is done laproscopically, the less invasive way.  
  • Possibly mention risks.   But perhaps add that kidney donation is a lower risk type of surgery.  There are many
    websites relating to organ donation that has this information.  I have some of these websites listed on the tab,
    "Websites - Kidney Donors" or you can click on this article that is on the National Kidney Foundation website, :
    "Q&A on Living Donation"

    If I can think of anything else to add here - will add in the future..  Or if you have anything else you feel should be
    added here, please let me know.  Thanks!

                                                                            *   *   *   *

    Want to help someone else who needs a kidney - but don't know anyone needs one?

  • "Adopt" someone in your neighborhood  who is in need of a kidney.  If you don't know of anyone who needs
    a kidney, you can ask around if you like or you can  search on Craigs List ( under "community."  
    Or you can find a posting for someone in need of a kidney on Living Donors Online ( for
    someone in need of a kidney.  
  • First and foremost - if you find someone in need of a kidney - find out from them if they have any family
    members who are able to donate a kidney to them.  You would be surprised - there are people out there that
    haven't asked family members, friends, etc.  If they tell you that they have a family member tested and wasn't a
    match, please encourage them to ask that family member to join an organization like the National Kidney Registry -
    where all it takes is for one family member or  friend to join the registry and in return it is highly likely the registry will
    be able to find someone else through their system who may be a match.  For more information about how this
    works, please go to the "Need A Kidney" tab.  Also, if they tell you they don't have anyone to test for them - no family
    members, friends, etc., then you can offer, if you are able, to speak on their behalf at an event and/or make up fliers
    for them, hand out at events, hang them up in stores, community centers, etc.   I have found 2 kidney donors for
    people in need of a kidney, by hanging up fliers.

                                                                          *   *   *   *

    Personal notes:

  • Someone heard a kidney transplant surgeon at a major hospital say at a seminar at his hospital, that "Kidney
    Donors Have a Longer Life Span."  That could be true - because we are checked out well before our kidney
    donation, and generally healthy to begin with.  But we shouldn't  take advantage of this - meaning we can eat what
    we want - not exercise.  We have to stay healthy!  I spoke to a kidney donor who said to me he never eats fruits
    and vegetables and never exercises.  Help!  This is a recipe for disaster!  It would be a miracle if this person does
    not have future health problems.  He is missing out on key nutrients to stay healthy.  And a lack of  exercise can also
    lead to major health issues.  So eat right, stay fit!  And get rid of those excess pounds, if you have any!  

  • I am so delighted about the major article that came out in many newspapers about no long-term health issues
    associated with people who donated a kidney, called "Kidney Donors Have A Normal Life Span, Study
    Finds"  I have had people who were considering kidney donation in the past, ask me if there was any study on long
    term effects on kidney donors.  I had mentioned the above quote - that one surgeon had said about kidney donors
    having a longer life span - but had no written proof of anything said.  So this study finally came out, which will satisfy
    some people considering kidney donation - those who may otherwise not consider!

  • If you have a quote or story about your kidney donation and would like it to appear on this website, please e-
    mail me at or click on the "Contact Us link on the top of the page.  Please limit quotes to 3
    sentences.  A story does not have to be limited.    I may get many responses and cannot guarantee that it will be
    published on this website.   But would be happy to see whatever is submitted.  Thanks! (-:


                                                                        *   *   *   *

    Congratulations to Kidney Donor, Nancy Murrell, on her great website, - a
    resource for living kidney donors!  Looking good, Nancy!  Great idea!

                                                                      *   *   *   *

    Here's hoping one day there will be a Kidney Donors Convention, where we can all meet and share experiences
    and ideas!  

    In the meantime, please feel free to submit ideas on how to promote kidney donation, if there are any additions or
    subtractions that should be made to this website, if you notice any links that don't work, or if they are any typos, etc.  
    You can use the form below or click, send an e-mail to or click on the "Contact Us" tab.

    Thanks so much for visiting!  Take care!  

                                                                                                                                           - Chaya Lipschutz

    P.S. If you have suggestions, comments or information that you would like to provide that can help me or others, I
    would be happy to hear about it!  

    Feel free to contact me at Thanks!
Debbie Dunn of Utah, center, walked into
the University of Utah Medical Center and
decided to donate a kidney to anyone
whom they would match her up with!  
(She had been in touch with me and I  had
her tested for 2 people, but she wasn't a
match for either.)

Photo taken at the University of Utah Medical
Center, where she donated her kidney.  
Pictured, left to right:  Debbie's father, her
recipient's husband, Debbie, her recipient, Sue
Vincent, and her mother.